The Fabulous Fifties

The war was finally over, the Baby Boom was exploding and the economy was in full swing with everyone excited about the future of our country.  

Electric appliances and cars that we now call “classics” were turning up everywhere and radio was king, with “Elvis” and “Jerry Lee Lewis” singing the new sound called Rock & Roll. 

But, for us kids back in 1953, this was the greatest invention that was ever made.

The Wiffle Ball

wiffleball 1

 They had 3 sizes in 1953 and sold for  .29  .39  or .59 cents.

Just ask any boy who was big enough to swing a bat and loved baseball in 1953. We played ball from the time we got up in the morning until it was to dark to see, and if we could find a good street light to see by we still played.

I can’t look at a Wiffle Ball without thinking about my good friend Fred Kettler. Fred was the best short stop that I can remember from our Little League Days in Williamsport. Fred lived on Rose Street with Weldon’s Pajamas Company and Franklin Hosiery Mill located across the street from his home. 

We played in the street with the factory for the backstop. If you hit the ball against the factory wall, above the first story windows, it was a home run. The distance from home plate to the wall was about 50 feet, so you didn’t have to chase the ball very far. We learned to throw curves, risers, sinkers and you never knew what was coming next.  

Thank you  David N. Mulling for inventing the Wiffle Ball.

The Duncan Jeweled YO-YO


Every kid had one of these.  There were local contests, and if you won you would go to the next level of competition.  We would do tricks with a Yo-yo, like “ Shoot the Moon, or “Walk the Dog and “Rock the Cradle." 

Today we have people so talented it’s just hard to believe what they can do with a Duncan yo-yo.

In the video I have posted next the young man is so talented he does not even have the string connected to the yo-yo. 


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