Step back in time and share your true stories and pictures about the Good Old Days growing up in Williamsport Pa.

Remembering Calvin

The Good Old Days when we were young and didn’t have a care in the world!  We were so lucky to grow up in such a wonderful time.

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Modern butcher shops, or meat departments, are a far cry from this turn of the century meat stall of Henry A Villinger in the Old City Market House at 351-355 Market Street. All of the provisions were on open display for the shoppers of the day.

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(From This)

Artist sketch of the First building used for the Williamsport Hospital the 

original location at Edwin Street and Elmira Street

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(To This)

The first Williamsport Hospital opened April 1st 1878.  By 1885 the hospital had outgrown their original location at Edwin Street and Elmira Street and a property at 483 Pine Street later Known as The Hotel St Charles Hotel was purchased for $14,000. Plans were made in 1889 for the extensive renovation to the building, but the flood of June 1 of that year forced the hospital officials to seek higher ground.

IMG 0131

Williamsport Hospital at its present location in 1891

IMG 0132

To This 

Picture of Williamsport Hospital in 1976

Curbstone Market Market Square

Williamsport PA.  Circa 1875 


I can remember going to Woolworth’s for a fountain Coke many times when I was a young boy in the late 40’s. 

The syrup they used was the best I ever tasted, and don’t forget the vanilla and cherry Cokes with a Burger WOW!


Table Music

Remember playing your favorite songs while you were with that someone special and you didn’t even have to leave your table? 


Circa 1945

A Hot Summer Day at the Pool

Remember the Steam Locomotives of the past going through Williamsport or better yet how about your first ride on one!

Milk Bottle


Do you remember the bottle caps on frozen glass milk bottles sticking up in the air.  



                      My cousin Carol and I - 1946 

I will never forget the summers that I spent on the farm with my Aunt Hazel, Uncle Lloyd and Carol in Lewistown PA.

My Aunt Hazel made the best home made Ice-Cream in the world. I can still remember turning the hand crank on the ice cream maker and the lucky one was the one who got the ice cream beater to eat!           



1947 Skates

Here is another oldie from the past. I think everyone had a pair of these.

I can remember getting my first pair and falling on my butt!  LOL

But you know it was a pair of skates like this that got me interested in skating at the skating rinks around town.  We use to have a skating rink on Basin Street on the second floor when I was a young boy. 

Later on we had the rink on the second floor above what is now Morrone’s Restaurant on West 4th Street in Williamsport PA.

 When I was in my teens we had Jay’s Skating rink on Route 220 at Linden at what is now the township building. There was also the Falls Halls Skating Rink in Hughesville, God what fun we had there. The place was so small that when we would get a whip going and the end person came loose they would go crashing through the double doors and end up outside. LOL

And of course let us not forget the Port, Pike and the Lycoming Drive-In Theaters where a family could go to the movies for a Dollar a car load. Oops I almost forgot the Starlite Drive-in Theater in Muncy, sorry about that Muncy.


This was a common sight in the mornings when we were kids. The milk man would make his milk delivery to your door in time for breakfast.

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Before the invention of electric refrigerators the Ice Man would deliver ice to each home during the week for your ice box.

Pictured is an 1880s Ice Box

Women delivering ice 1918





bathing-suits-1920-fined med hr

Women were fined

 if their bathing suites 

were to short.


childred for sale Chicago 1948


For Sale



Not everything from the past was pleasant.

I wonder what ever happened to these children?

Notice the mother is hiding her face because  she is so ashamed.

There must’ve been a law against this!

Baby cage 1937

Baby Cages 

These were used in hi-rise housing so children could get so many hours of sunlight a day.


OSHA would love this one.

I wonder how many children died in one of these?

Buster Brown

Do you remember seeing adds like this on Saturday mornings while you were watching your favorite shows on a black and white TV.


Smith Brothers Cough Drops History

The Smith Brothers Cough Drop box portrays one of the world’s most famous trademarks. The two bearded gentlemen are affectionately known to generations as Trade and Mark. Not well known, however, is the fact that the Smith Brothers really existed. Their names were William (Trade) and Andrew (Mark) and they helped found Smith Brothers in Poughkeepsie, New York in 1847. 

Charles Chips

I almost forgot this Pennsylvania favorite. They use to come to your door to get you to purchase them.

Charles chips continued home delivery into the 1970s until it became less profitable.

1958 Cost of Living


 “Remembering the good old days”

I remember back in 1965 when a good friend of mine purchased a  brand-new Chevy Corvette right off the showroom floor for $4000

From a 1961 Sears Catalog. Wow, how times have changed!

Sears Auto Strap for front-seats tots

Its a wonder we survived, I wonder if it was OSHA approved. LOL 

Let the problems of the world disappear for a while and reminiscence in memories of the years gone by and recall your friends and relatives that you have not seen for many years. 

What would we not give to go back in time to visit with family and friends that are now long gone, or to connect with friends that you have lost contact with over the years?

I thought it would be nice to start a data base, and post a persons name with a little something about them, and see if someone knows how to contact them so you can get together again. 

J V Brown

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